Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Catonsville, MD 10-01-08

Miles walked since last blog: 9.7

Well, well, well, here we are at the beginning of a whole new month. I suppose I should do a . . .


2 legitimate flat tires
478.5 MIles walked (15.95 miles/day average including days off)
1 Pair of shoes stolen/lost
1 Laptop broken
2 Broken front wheels
? Many new friends
0.5 Days walked in the rain (not bad eh?)
4 nights camping (also not bad)
Many socks
? Dozens of blisters
1 Unexplained foot rash (gone now, woo hoo!)
1 Night in a police station
1 Bridge from hell
Several old friends
30+ Calls from Mom
3,266 Miles to go (roughly)

Well, not to bad. I'm hoping to have this be about 6 months long, but I'll have to increase my mileage. To be fair, I missed more days than I'd like this first month. But sit back, load up and relax. Wait, . . . do you hear that?


Oh yeah, I just cracked open the second can of adventure in the 6-pack. Let's roll Cherry.

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