Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gaffney & Spartanburg, SC: South of South

Miles since last blog: 57.7 (34.7 & 23.0 respectively)

Yesterday's Route

Today's Route

That's right, it's a BIG BLOG. Two days, two states, and a 1000 mile barrier down (1004.9 miles total on route). I'll be posting a celebratory video as soon as I can get it downloaded, edited and uploaded, with all the other still-to-be-made videos. But time off is coming and in a good place, as we move south it just keeps getting friendlier.

Little was noteworthy about the walk to Gaffney, SC from Gastonia, NC. It was particularly beautiful when I entered SC directly into a National Park where the colors were FINALLY changing (something I haven't really seen before) and in the evening we bedded down on the lawn of a local fire house.

Today and more specifically this evening promised more. I called my host and realized that I had told her and my next host the wrong days, I was now showing up a day early for them. Well, before we arrived we decided we would spend tomorrow in Spartanburg as well if our host let us. She had set up a potluck with some others from the local artists' community that lives in glorious flats downtown, but as we were a night early, we would miss it unless we stayed. That puts me on time for Greenville anyway and it looks like we'll be there for a stretch doing press.

Tonight was a pleasurable surprise. We showed and our high energy host took us out to Thai before seeing a movie projected on a wall downtown and viewed from teepees constructed of used construction materials and bamboo, part of an art installation downtown that my host built. We watched "Blazing Saddles" which was interesting since we had been quoting it all week and we found out that our host worked at a branch of the camp that free worked at. Our world just keeps getting smaller.

Surprisingly, the last few lines of the movie really struck a chord with me, which I don't believe was even the intention.

Waco kid: Hey cowboy, where you headed?
Slim: Nowhere special.
Waco kid: Nowhere special . . . I always wanted to go there.
Slim: C'mon then

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Kneece said...

I'm so glad you think the people keep getting friendlier the further south you get, you're definitely going to love the small towns in south Louisiana (only Florida is further south). We are very friendly and that is one thing I've always loved about our state, and one thing I REALLY missed while in France. I love being able to strike up a conversation with any and every stranger around me. Not possible in France, without getting really firm "Are you out of your f***ing mind?!!!!!!!!!" looks.
Enjoy my birthstate!