Thursday, October 2, 2008

Greenbelt, MD 10-02-08

Miles since last blog: 27.9 (+ some being lost)

Couchlogue, couchdate 100208: I remain, boldly going where no couchsurfer has gone before. Or at least that's what my hosts tell me.

A lot of places that I stay are in smaller towns or suburbs if I am lucky enough to find a place. Not typical places for travelers to visit, so many times (5 out of 10 so far) I am the only couchsurfer they have had. Tonight I am staying with 5 Indian guys. The night consisted of delicious Indian food and the Vice Presidential Debate which inspired raucous hilarity among them. I believe this was because of how the candidates would be asked something and then say point blank, "I'm going to talk about something else," or just do so. Also apparently there was a very funny interview they watched before that I missed. A fun night, we even had some nice conversations about India, education, politics and took some pictures to commemorate their first US hosting on Couchsurfing (which is pretty big in India apparently).

Today was not a good navigation day though. I thought I was mostly over these little dilemmas, but I am always surprised by new circumstances. Closed roads, giant walls separating roads from their continuations, lack of road signs and State Parks where roads don't even appear on my phone navigator are only some of the problems that I experienced today. There was also a considerable amount of busy-roaded bridge running, which I am seriously considering making into an illegitimate adrenaline sport. There is nothing like hitting all out sprint speed while pushing a 120lb (why does it keep getting heavier :( ) carrier during a lull in traffic over a bridge to make you thankful to be trying desperately to stop said carrier in the meager shoulder awaiting on the other side. I am actually starting to enjoy this practice, perhaps the walking is getting to me.

The Great American Couch Rider, over and out

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