Monday, October 27, 2008

Gastonia, NC: More, more, more

Miles since last blog: 26.2 (a marathon :) )


Alrighty then kiddies and kiddos. I'm trying to add a little bit of content here to my blogs and even past blogs, but I'll let you know when those go up. For now it'll just be the addition of my daily route to my blog (see above), you can click on that and see exactly what I did today.

After trekking into Gastonia we stayed with a reporter who had met Bizarro and let him stay with her. Bizarro and I were her first surfers even though she isn't yet on the site, what are the odds of hosting two cross country walkers in a week? She confided in us that she was more comfortable this time but that when Bizarro had spent the night she had been so nervous and afraid that she was seeing signs of impending doom and had to drink in order to get the little sleep she was afforded. I think CouchSurfing is like this a lot the first time, but she seemed relaxed last night.

We have been interviewing the people we've stayed with, so I'll try to get up those interview and retro-actively post them in a bit on the days blog. So much content, but I can here the insomniac in the midnight hour screaming more, more, more . . .

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Kneece said...

I love being able to click on the route. Great idea!!!!!!!!!! You are going right near King's Mountain. My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War there! My dad took all three of us kids there for a picnic once and made us act out the whole thing like we were the American soldiers, hiding behind the trees. It was fun! :) And a great history lesson.