Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dayville, CT 9-04-08

Miles since last blog:  26

It is night in Dayville and I am . . . tired. There seems to be an arguement between my "magic stick thingy" (which is a device that uses satelite GPS stuff to track me and tell me how far I've gone) and the map program on line. Online believes I travelled 26 miles today, while the stick thingy says 43. I know which one it feels like . . .

As an add on to this, I hate hills and mountains. Wheeling around 90lbs worth of crap is fine. Actually, it's even ok going uphill, but holding it back while going down for extended periods of time is a torture even to excrutiating for even Sisyphus. I also need to eat more, more frequently. Time to pass out.

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