Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Queens IV: The Wrath of Queens 9-17-08

Curses, this city has a way of grabbing on to you and not letting go!  Okay, it isn't the cities fault at all, but that sounds a bit better than, "the one day shipping didn't come again."  I like it here, but even if this borough does share a name with the most awesome band in history it is a bit nerve racking seeing days, nice days, fly-by while doing things that aren't walking.

I am getting things done is the good thing.  I do have cards which I can give out which help with credibility and I even have a receipt form on the back so people can officially donate straight to me if they see me.  I put white felt lettering on my ponchos today that says, "PFEE.ORG" so people don't think I'm JUST a crazy homeless guy walking in the rain, but a crazy homeless guy with a purpose.  I made 4 t-shirts.  Three say "Walk Across America" on the front, although I got a couple of the iron-on letters backwards on the first one.  Hopefully it looks kid-like and in line with the charity.  I made one which reads, "I'm a PFEE" and wore that out to Burger King where it worked pretty well when a few people asked what it meant.  No donations there, but still, it's a good start and I'll get better at this.  All of the shirts have the website on the back.

I even wrote a lot for the book I am trying to write while I do everything else.  Or rather I rewrote a lot since I am possibly changing the writing style.  Still, 5 days of warm weather are gone, 5 nights without rain, 5 days later I'll finish.  Oh yeah, and I applied to break (or more likely set) a Guinness World Record on my walk, 4 to 6 weeks to find out if they accept my chance for an attempt though.  Wish me luck.  

And still, the banner which will grace the front of my chariot has not arrived.  Should I stay or should I go now?  If I stay there will be trouble, but if I go it will be double.  Or so I hear.  

Stay tuned for "Queens V:  Night of a Million Billion Queens" or "Jersey City:  The Other White Meat"

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