Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Providence, RI 9/3

Miles since last blog:  31.9 (on route)

I get a lot of questions like, "Where do you sleep?" and "What do you eat?" and "you're crazy." Okay, that last one isn't a question, but I do hear that a lot. Well, I'll try to answer a few of those now.
Where do I sleep? I must ask myself this 1000 times during the time it gets dark and the time I know the answer. Invariably at that time, the answer is "oh, here."
The first night I slept on a patio behind a bar, at the suggestion of the bartender. The second night I slept in a cemetery in North Attleborough, MA. Tonight I am sleeping in a house, couchsurfing in Providence.
If you don't know what couchsurfing is, find out, it's easy, it's on the internet, I'm not going to tell you about it, but it is really cool.
What do I eat? Honestly, I'm still trying to figure this out a bit. The first day I didn't eat enough and then I felt terrible the first half of the second until I forced myself to eat a bunch of candy and then I felt great the rest of the day. I have since stocked up on various sugar and fat laden snack foods and try to eat at least one meat heavy ,meal a day because I think I need more protien. The plan now is to buy a huge vat of peanut butter.
You're crazy. Hmmmm, yes perhaps I am.

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