Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Queens V: The City that wouldn't Die

I hate "One Day Air," I am now on my third day of waiting for my package, a banner which will hopefully distinguish me from other crazy road people.  It is 7:15 p.m. now which means it will not likely come until the fourth day by which I will be gone.  There is a part of me that argues, "you've waited this long and it will be here tomorrow, just stay another day.  What'll it hurt?"  

Then the rest of my brain says, "shut up, you're an idiot and we listened to you yesterday, which makes us idiots and we don't like that.  Tomorrow, we aren't listening to you, even if it makes us even bigger idiots."

Mmmmm, it reminds me of politics, but I won't go into that.  My friend Mimi who I am staying with says she'll mail it forward anyway.  To where?  I don't know, who cares, I need to move.

Booooooooorn Freeeeeeee!  As free as the wind blows . . . 

That's the song I'll be singing on the road tomorrow.  So if you see a guy singing that song and pushing a cart in NY, he may not be crazy, he could be a charity worker.  

Or perhaps in honor of my new shoes, 

These boots were made for walking 
and that's just what they'll do . . . except I'll have to change the lyrics for accuracy to

These shoes were made for running
But instead they're gonna walk

Again, I digress.  Nevertheless, these are important things to consider if you have recently run your ipod through the washing machine.  

I am my own sound system, and

Sound systems gonna pick me back up, ya
One thing that I can depend on . . .

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