Sunday, September 14, 2008

Queens, NY 9-14-08

Miles since last blog:  34

It's been a few days. Well, the good news is PFEE and I got our first press, both print and TV. Woo hoo! Also, I am in NY, NY, which was my goal and it's a pretty cool place. . . to be stuck.

Yes, I have had a few problems. I've been mildly sick, which erupted in a 2am oral pressure release (aka, vomiting) last night, but then I was able to sleep. Also, my computer continues to suck egregiously and not let me use it, and while I do get to use my friend Mimi's, it does not let me do navigation for walking for no apparent reason. All this is of course beside the point since I my shoes were either stolen or thrown away while drying in the sun outside the local bakery during breakfast. So, I have a pair of $3 slippers I bought, but that's about it. My knee injury still persists and the hives on my feet seem to be "chilling," nothing seems to persuade them to leave or become stronger, I suppose at some point I could name them.

Nevertheless, I am periodically in high spirits, after all, I am among friend in a great city which feels homey in a similar way to the way Prague did. Last night I even got to go to a Burcak festival at the Bohemian Beer Hall nearby. This is a Czech festival for the new wine they hold in a beer garden. It was strange being in such a familiar situation in such a new place, I kept expecting someone I knew to walk into the garden. It made me a little homesick for Prague and friends.

The plan for tomorrow, a feverish and intense search for a shoe sponsor.

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