Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wilmington, DE 9-25

Miles since last blog:  29.9

Texas school of Medicine as I know it has one remedy for everything:

"Walk it off."

Wind knocked out of you?  Walk it off.
Asthma attack?  Walk it off.
Cancer?  Walk it off.
Hurt leg?  Walk it off.

So today, that's what I did.  The first 16 miles were swell, but shortly after that my leg muscle which kept me an extra day in Philly tried again to assert itself through mutiny.  But I would have none of it, or rather, I would have some of it.  I did schedule into my day a break for pain, which coincided nicely with rain and lunch, but I still hit my goal for the day.  Also to be perfectly honest, I enjoyed the extra day in Philly and miss my new friend, so the leg didn't do that much damage.

Tomorrow I have a slightly more difficult choice.  Do I try for a long day to have a place to sleep and get back on schedule (which no one cares about but a tiny psychotic portion of my brain), or do I go a relatively short 25 mile day and camp in the rain?  Still trying to decide, I suppose the point is moot if I don't get a response on Couchsurfing.  Nevertheless, I need to decide when to set my alarm clock now because I am fading fast from a delicious pie and sausage induced coma.  Thank you couchsurfing, and awesome family who gave me my own room.  Now I can sleep just as soon as I finish this bl . . .

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