Monday, September 22, 2008

Philadelphia, PA 9-22-08

Miles since last blog: 29.7

Phinally in Philly, Phenomonal.  Good couch, good food, good people, bad muscles.  More tomorrow (when my muscles and general energy level are better).  


Tomorrow.  One of the reasons, one of the dozens of reasons, I am doing this whole thing, is completely selfish.  It wasn't even an original reason, but it is quickly moving up the list of motivations.  This trip is restoring my faith in mankind a bit, and with it a connection to people that I had nearly entirely lost.  

It's not just that people are helpful, it's that they are so different and yet so many times you slip into short yet incredibly comfortable relationships where each person gleans bits of wisdom and new points of views from each other.  I have a friend who believes that everyone has something has something to teach you.  If that's true, then doing something like this helps some people give freely, and helps attract to you people with a lot to give.

I am couchsurfing with an amazing girl who plays guitar and banjo and sings with an amazing voice, but don't take my word for it.  Check out papertrees on myspace.  She is a vegan in the music industry, certainly I have now ranged the left-right gamut.  And the nice thing is, that I am struck in awe by these people, which simply didn't happen to me that often before this experience.  

Probably, the best thing I learned in survival school was no something they even intended to teach me.  Looking at 1 to 5 years on the road alone (I have more plans after the USA) my greatest fear was the loneliness.  But in the scant two weeks with 11 amazing people I learned that if I was open to the moment I didn't need a house to have a home, and I didn't need someone I've know forever to find in someone an old friend.

So when I meet these amazing people, my connection with the world is restored, and in a few hours I've made an old friend that I'll miss when I'm gone, and I don't feel so lonely.  

I'll live in my moments, whatever comes.  Especially if it's toast and bananas.

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