Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Philly II: Cheesesteaks for all 9-24-08

I wasn't planning on blogging tonight.  I'm tired and hurt and I have to start early tomorrow to make sure I can get to my next couchsurf in case I hurt still.  I wasn't planning on blogging, but I got online and checked my email, and maybe it is my depleted physical being or the fear that no one would care about what I'm doing, and was overwhelmed to feel reached out to by people.

The comments about my blog are possibly the most wonderful reward that I could personally be given.  It fills me up with emotion when I hear that someone has connected with me, what I am doing or something I wrote.  There's always been a part of me that I felt wasn't understood, and to know that that part which drives me now is striking a chord with people is having a profound effect on me and for the first time maybe I feel small and humbled.  I'm not a humble man, but these things that people are giving me do make me feel small in the best way possible.

And of course, there are donations.  They are coming in and another fear is washing away.  I am glad to be bringing awareness to an issue, but to raise some funds to actually do something about it is the real point.  And they are coming from people I don't know, it is surprising and nourishing to me that a parent of one of the children from the New York class I met, both donated and sent a personal email to me.  I never expected it, and I only hope that I can live up to everything that everyone is giving.  

Thank you everyone for keeping me going and lending meaning to my actions that I alone could not give them.  I may not change the world but it is definitely changing me.

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