Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Milford, CT 9-9-8

Miles since last blog: 22

Mmmmm, another day off. I'm really spoiling myself now.

It's raining out, not to jinx myself, but not a drop has hit me since I began my walk, both days it rained were my days off so far. And what a day off this is, I'm staying in a very nice Connecticut home with my own bed and bathroom, laundry, food, a big screen (which I haven't turned on) and even foosball. This is not your normal couchsurfing experience. Last night I had salmon for dinner, I guess this is the karma for all that roughing it coming back in spades.

Still waiting on my first news experience which I believe should be sometime today and then I'll use the day to take care of various other things I neglect on walking days, like insoles for my 3 year old running shoes and new moleskin to keep me from getting any more than the three blisters I already have.

Thunder, pshaw, I'm inside, get it all out before tomorrow sky because I got 38 miles to go then.

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