Monday, September 15, 2008

Queens II: The Revenge, 9-15-08

Ahhhhh, sweet time, it heels all wounds, and creates new ones.  

New laptop bought, new shoes bought, new socks o'plenty, stomach finally better after 30 or so hours of intense and unreasoning pain, and oh yes, the hives, slightly less hive-y but still there.  

Now that ducks are a row, they are getting agitated that they can't see what's going on in front of them.  Yes, the new traumas are mental, I'm going nuts I tells ya, stirrrrrrr crazy.  I like my trip, I do, but I also want it to end at some point in the future.  So sitting in one place for 5 days while my computer was broken doing nothing is not exactly the most healthy thing for my state of mind.  Now at last with a new laptop, I have become embroiled in a temporary frenzy of work, this will not last but, wow! look at all I'm getting done.  Even a blog!  

The plan:  to send out press releases tonight and leave Wednesday morning hoping that Tuesday I will get some of that sweet NY press we hear about on the West Coast.  Mmmmmm, pressy.  

Donations are starting to come in, keep them flowing people, it's for the children.  No, really, it actually is for the children, so send some cash.

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Roman said...

Hi, I see you started quite a new life;-). I hope you'll achieve what you desire. Good luck with it!

Roman from Prague