Friday, September 26, 2008

Havre de Grace, MD 9-26-08

Miles since last blog:  38 (+++?)

There are barely words to describe today.  I am happy to be staying in a bed again, and I think I may just stay for two nights to get some rest.  A friend from Prague might come meet me for the afternoon since they live in the same state.  That will be nice.

But back to today.  I am a pretty amiable guy for the most part, I like people of almost all different kinds which at times even surprises me given my past feelings towards humanity as a whole.  There are still a few things I hate.  One is people who yell or honk at me, but I'll talk about that another time.  Two is any road that has Mount, Mountain, Hill, Summit or Grade in it for obvious reasons.  And finally, I despise bridges.  They are always trouble.  Today for example both my navigation systems told me to cross a bridge which is approximately two miles long.  

This bridge did not have a place to walk on it.  Actually, none of the bridges in the area do.  Normally, I am walking across bridges that my nav systems tell me I can't because I can see on the satellite pictures from google earth that they do have sidewalks and not walking over them adds 12 miles to my journey.  I prefer it that way.  I'm not going to say that it was fortunate that the bridge was under construction, but it was . . . under construction.  I decided rather than go I don't even know where to cross the river, I would cross in the construction zone since no one was working and at the end of the day I was only 4 miles from my bed.  How could I stop?  Well I did, and often, but only to catch my breath.

I'll spare you the gory details (suffice to say there was many wooden planks involved and moving of heavy things like generators), but that 2 mile bridge took me two hours and fifteen minutes to cross and I was working hard the whole time.  So today, though my knee hurt from mile 12, I kept going, and now, my knee hurts sure, but so do my arms, back, the rest of my legs and my psyche.  Lucky, except for my knee, the rest actually will be better tomorrow.


Coach J said...

So here's your blog. It's good to hear that you're actually underway, not so good to hear about the various mishaps. I'll be keeping up on your blog, so watch your grammar. We miss you.

Sierra said...

Hey Skip, Willow told us about your fantastic and generous goal. Wish we could put you up, but suppose you aren't coming our way--Easton, MD. Will follow your blog, get in touch if you like, BE CAREFUL! Much Love, Roger and Linda

Anonymous said...

Hey Skip, it's sounding like this adventure is restoring some of your faith in humanity and at least the people of our country.... very nice. Be safe. Love ya! -Your sister